Customer Journey's without constraints

Create content rich Customer journey maps in an array of visual styles using our templates, or create your own. Capture and align Personas, Emotion, CX and business information.

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Innovative Customer Experience design

Our CX design capability brings together insight, design and prototyping features together in a repeatable and scalable approach to Customer solution definition.

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Implement and enable the change

Inform and implement the direct linkage from the customer experience into the operating model, aligning the customer with everything that makes the business work.

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Manage, Measure and prove the value

Establish governance over all aspects of CX delivery and performance management, connecting accountabilities and delivery directly to customer feedback.

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Leading Customer Journey Mapping capability is just the starting point

Maximising the benefits of CX initiatives is only achievable by linking journeys to the underlying operating model and the capabilities the business needs to deliver it. CX Core provides a single platform from which to align, coordinate and drive all CX activity, and contributes to the delivery of value across the full lifecycle of mapping, design, implementation and improvement initiatives, and results directly to the bottom line.

Leverage more value from your CX activity and discover CX Core

Available in Cloud, On premise and Software as a Service options

CX Core is the choice of organisations serious about CX

Start from a single user, safe in the knowledge you can evolve and scale.

  • You are in control: Start simply and you choose the pace at which you evolve and develop

  • Leading Customer Journey Mapping capability: Leverage as little or as much functionality as you need

  • Save time, effort and knowledge: Continue to build and evolve a common reference point for the whole organisation

  • Capture and re-use: Ability to build insight, learning, understanding and engagement

  • Analytics in the Customer context: Integrate surveys, insights and metrics to drive improvement

  • Holistic design: Plan new Customer Experiences and the operating model improvements needed to underpin their delivery

  • Strategy to Execution: Establish a better way to monitor and control your CX activities and performance

  • Prove the value: Make CX Measurement tangible and link directly to bottom line results.

  • Bring Customer Journey Maps to life: Transform the way your organisation thinks and acts about Customer Experience